About Us

Mainline Music is a boutique style music management and artist booking agency specialising in Pan Asian club, festival and private event bookings of electronic music artists.

Started almost accidentally by owner Sam Findlay in 2002 after an approach from a friend in a downtown Tokyo night spot asking if he could source a western DJ to headline an illegal rave party the friend was planning, just outside of the city.

Resident in Japan for four years and a lover of Detroit techno and deep house, Sam saw this as the perfect opportunity to get involved with an industry that fascinated him and using his fluent knowledge of Japanese language and music contacts in London conspired to be one of the first people to bring a contemporary western DJ to Japan.

Countless successful bookings later, Mainline Music has continued to not only service the needs of its many Japanese clients, but clients spanning the entire Asian sub continent as well as it’s many industry partners around the globe.

The Mainline Music of today is a company that prides itself on the excellence and personal style service it offers to its clients and artists alike, a service which is now highly regarded in the wider music industry.

This level of dedication and attention to detail, coupled with geographical expertise has continued to draw the attention of larger globally recognised brands such as festival giants Metamorphose in Japan and Playground in Indonesia, brands which Mainline Music work with very closely.
This expansion into larger scale music events as well as an ever increasing portfolio of projects led to an extension of the Mainline Music’s base of operations, and in 2010 long term friend and colleague Mark Doggett was appointed to the Mainline management team. With the appointment came a wealth of knowledge from a 20 year career in the music industry as an artist, producer and record label boss. Sam in fact served as Mark’s artist manager and booking agent from 2003-2008.

The pair continue to work jointly on all aspects of the business continuing to focus on and further strengthening the company’s reputation as not only one of the best, but arguably one of the most successful music and management agencies around.