Djuma Sound System

Mainline Music is pleased to be able to accept Asian booking requests for Get Physical house mastermind - DJUMA SOUNDSYSTEM

Latest News
Our favorite Norwegian producer – Djuma Soundsystem – has just released 2 new tracks, the smashing “Your Deep Is Not My Deep” on Steve Bug’s Audiomatique Recordings and the dreamy “Chick” on our newly founded Wilde Label. There is also a re-rub of last years collaboration with Aki & LazarusMan “Love Her Madly” by Lee Van Dowski & Dean Demanuel coming out on Noir Music. Next up is a solo track on Soundz feat. remixes from Atapy & Alex Dimou and two releases on Audiomatique – one feat. Christian Smith remix.

With his new productions as well as his current Asia & South Africa tour – Djuma Soundsystem is off to a great start this year, and this summer the fabulous spoken-word-poet LazarusMan will also be available again to tour Europe alongside him!
Artist Profile
Guess there’s no way to hide the fact that Djuma Soundsystem’s biggest claim to fame is the modern classic “Les Djinns”. The track was unintentionaly a huge cross over succes, and became the best selling track on beatport through time. Mikkas a.k.a. Djuma Soundsystem then dived back into the underground, where he feels most at home. The Norwegian DJ and producer have proved times and times again since then that Djuma Soundsystem is a name to be reconed with.

He kept on steady releasing mix CD compilations and tracks on respected labels like Neurotraxx, Rebirth, This is, Eskimo, IO, Toolroom, Elite, Get Physical, Soundz and latest My favorite robot records, …just to mention a few that is. His warm and groovy trademark sound has been kept clean through the years, and streetches from tech house to deep house with a disco flirt, always with a lot of personality involved. This is music, and not just grooves! It’s catchy, but still underground, and it can entertain a festival going mad, as well as an intimate club.

As Djuma Soundsystem, Mikkas playes both live or as a dj, and has toured the world many times and played some of the best venues and crowds out there; clubs like The End (London), Space (Ibiza), Zouk SG (Singapore), Blue Frog (Mumbai), D-edge (Sau Paulo), Kazantip (Ukraine), Hardpop (Juarez), Cocoon (Frankfurt), Nevermind (Sydney), Cielo (NYC), Stadium (Jakarta), Space (Miami), Watergate (Berlin),
Kristal (Bucharest), or festivals like Fusion (Germany), Roskilde (Denmark), Reworks (Greece), Universo Paralello (Brazil), Way out west (Sweden), Sunburn (India), Hove (Norway), Free Fat Festival (Ukraina), Exit (Serbia), and the biggest gig of all – playing the last hour counting down to midnight at Baha beach in Rio on new years eve 2009 – in front a crowd of around a million people!