Emily Scott

Artist Profile

Known for her title as one of the sexiest women in the world, Emily Scott has quickly become known for filling clubs and keeping the dance floor packed,as she revels in her element as a Dj. How did this come about? Em spent her childhood years immersed in music. At the age of 13 she started her first music radio station with her little brother, produced in the technically sophisticated surrounds of her bedroom, with a mic and a Boombox.

This love of music that started with rock and hip hop and pop, grew into a love of house when she was attracted to the energy of dance music. As a dancer herself she was drawn to the club scene at the age of 18 “there is a distinct sense of freedom when you step into a good club.” With a desire to get behind the scenes, in 2001, she was hired as a lighting technician at Quest (one of Australia’s biggest House venues). Emily has always always had a sixth sense for what the dance floor needs, even before they know it, and it was her time at Quest that refined her innate sense of when to build tension and when to hold it. With these skills, Emily made a natural progression into Djing; “I love the energy of dance music, it’s effect on the dance floor, uncontrollable, an hypnotic need to dance”.

Performance is something Emily Scott is accustomed to, as a young dancer and gymnast, her career as a model sky rocketed her onto UK TV, while the many glamourous magazine covers led her to a spot on US hit ‘Entourage’ and Australia’s Dancing With The Stars. Due to her popularity and international appeal she has been voted Australia’s Sexiest woman, 9th Sexiest (UK) and 44th Sexiest woman in the world (USA). Emily clearly performs well in front in front of a camera, this is why her name and image attracts a staggering 250’000 hits per month on average, but it is in-front of a crowd, behind the decks where both her performance and musical talents shine.

Check out this recent You Tube video of Emily blowing the roof off of a Port Hedland club in her home country of Australia.