Matthias Tanzmann

Mainline Music is pleased to be able to accept Asian booking requests for mesmeric Circo Loco front man - MATTHIAS TANZMANN

We are especially interested in KL / SINGAPORE / BALI / BANGKOK / OFFERS FOR THIS GREAT ARTIST!

Since 1997, matthias has been resident-dj at distillery (leipzig), the most renowned club in eastern germany. together with daniel scholz he founded gamat 3000 and shortly afterwards released tracks on dessous recordings, freude am tanzen and fm-musik. in 2000, he and andré quaas founded the label moon harbour, which would offer a premium platform for leipzig house protagonists and for befriended international producers.

By 2007 he had released numerous ep’s, three mix compilations and remixed several tracks. together with steve bug and daniel stefanik, he has produced various eps, drawing inspiration from the new dynamics and sounds that the collaborative process can create. behind the decks he advanced to become one of the most popular and booked german house dj’s in the world, later securing residencies at flokati (munich) and circoloco@dc10 (ibiza).

While over the years his tracks have developed from classical deep house with a european edge, through to minimal house bordering on ambitious techno, groove and deepness were and still are the essential elements of Matthias Tanzmann’s music.