Shitdisco (DJ Set)

Mainline Music is proud to present the final remaining Asian tour dates for crazy electro hispters - SHITDISCO (DJ Set).

Artist Profile
2007 saw the explosion of New Rave, an amalgamation of rock and roll, indie, electro and house with the likes of Shitdisco, Klaxons, CSS and The Gossip at the forefront of this new culture. The culture was based around warehouse parties in London’s East End, with Shitdisco’s “Toilet Factory Party” (held at a dis-used toilet factory!) being one of the most famous.

The whole scene was a Fuck You gesture to the formulaic genre lead house events of the time, a generation re-taking the dancefloors and claiming them for themselves from the generation above them. The scene embraced live performances alongside DJ’s – events would often have one or two bands alongside DJ’s such as Erol, SMD, Trash Fashion and Shitdisco of course.

New Rave soon merged into the “electro” scene where Shitdisco really made their name, playing throughout the UK, Europe, USA and Asia. Over the years, SD have played alongside everyone from Jeff Mills to 2manyDJ’s and have played for the likes of Dim Mak, Fabric, Zouk, Womb and Bugged Out.