Mainline Music is pleased to be able to accept all new Asian tour date bookings for Israeli uber showman - SKAZI

Artist Profile

To anyone who has had even the slightest interest in electronic music over the last decade, “Skazi” (Asher Swissa) should need no introduction. One of the premier league of trance artists, Skazi has been creating his own unique style of hardcore dancefloor music since 1998. Revolutionary in both sound and direction, his first album, “Animal”, released in September 2000, exploded onto the worldwide trance scene. The combination of live guitar riffs and storming sounds brought a new and innovative twist to trance. The album’s success created a huge demand for both Skazi’s DJ Sets and his Live Shows around the world.

Considered the biggest phenomenon from the world psytrance, the project leaded by Asher Swissa hás broken all the barriers between Rock’n’Roll and the e-music and became one of the strongest names for he genre. Asher presents a DJ set with a lot of on stage energy, a mix of styles among his own biggest hits.